con·nect  /ke'nekt/   Verb

1. Bring together or into contact so that a real or notional link is established.
2. Join together so as to provide access and communication.
Are you seeking a Savior? Are you looking for a place to connect – a place that fits you and makes you feel at home? At First Baptist Forney we desire for all people to be connected to the body of Christ. Regardless of who you are, or where you’ve been you can discover your personal significance and experience a community of real friends. We have small groups and ministries for children, teens and adults in every stage of life.  Join us this Sunday – there is a place just for you!


Following Christ - How To Become A Christian

We joyfully share this information with you in anticipation of meeting you personally. Whether you are new to the community or have been here a while, we have a place for you. But even more importantly, God has a place for you and wants to change your life! If you want to accept Christ as your Savior and have certainty of eternal life, then pray this prayer from your heart:

“Lord Jesus, I know I am a sinner and have displeased You in many ways. I believe You died for my sin and only through faith in Your death and resurrection can I be forgiven. I want to turn from my sin and ask you to come into my life as my Savior and Lord. From this day on, I will follow You by living a life that pleases You. Thank You, Lord Jesus, for saving me. Amen.”

After you have received Jesus Christ into your life, tell a Christian friend about the important decision you have made. Follow Christ in believer’s baptism and church membership. Grow in faith and enjoy new friends in Christ by becoming a part of His church and attending the Bible Study Class the church has just for you. You’ll find others who will love and support you.

To join this church, contact James Pritchard via email or call 972.564.3357.

How to Join First Baptist Forney

Next Steps

All who are interested in joining or have newly joined the church should come to one of our Church Orientation classes called Next Steps.  At this class you will learn:

  • What we believe at First Baptist
  • Adult Bible Study options we offer
  • Ministries we offer
  • What your spiritual gifts are and how you can use them to serve
  • What the church’s financial policies of operation are
  • And much more!

Childcare is provided and a full lunch will be served at no cost. Orientations are held quarterly.  Specific dates will be published in the church bulletin and on our online calendar.

Click here to register or call the Church Office at 972-564-3357 or contact James Pritchard via email.

About Baptism

Do you have questions about Baptism?

Questions such as:

  •  "How should I be Baptized?"
  •  "Who is to be Baptized?"
  •  "What about infant Baptism?"
  •  "What does Baptism actually mean?"

To find the answers to these question and more, click here for an informational brochure.

Join An Adult Bible Study Group

When you connect to an Adult Bible Study Group you will...

  • Discover caring friends of similar age and life circumstances.
  • Gain care and support during times of crisis.
  • Receive personal prayer support
  • Have interactive Bible study with life-application. 

Click here to visit the Adult Bible Study page.

Prayer Requests

Can we pray for you today?  No request is too small or too large. Amazing things can happen when people pray. Use the form below to submit a prayer request or praise for yourself or on behalf of others.

  • Click here to submit a Prayer Request or Praise.

Stay Connected!

There are many ways to stay connected to events and activities at First Baptist Forney. Below are some tools we have developed for you!

Calendar of Events

Mobile App - iPhone & Android

The Connection - Quarterly Magazine