Ministry Fair 2017

Find Your Place to Serve!

Sundays, April 6 & 13

On both these Sundays we will have information tables in the foyer areas to represent each of our ministries. Come see how you can serve here at FB Forney!

Serve in Ministry using your Spiritual Gifts in the following areas:

Discipleship and Family Ministry

  • Adult Bible Study (director, teacher, apprentice teacher, outreach leader, fellowship leader, care group leader, secretary, missions leader, men’s ministry leader, women’s ministry leader, greeter, prayer leader)
  • Senior Adult Ministry (fellowship/events helper, hospital visitation, nursing home and home visitation)
  • Preschool Ministry (leader/helper for Bible study, extended care, Cubbies)
  • Children’s Ministry (leader/helper for Bible study, Level Up, Vacation Bible School, GA’s, Bible Drill, Children’s Church, substitute teachers)
  • Student Ministry (leader/helper for Bible study, small groups, girls ministry, DNow host home, camp counselor, special events volunteer)
  • GC4 University teacher
  • Women’s Ministry (Bible study leader, mentor, fellowship/events helper, Adult class leader, ministry desk volunteer)
  • Men’s Ministry (Bible study leader, assist elderly with home projects/needs, fellowship/events helper, Adult class leader, ministry desk volunteer)

Facilities Ministry

  • Bus Driver with CDL for church activities/events, shuttle driver
  • Church Emergency Response Team – assisting with medical and/or weather emergencies
  • Safety Team – assisting members/guests with unusual circumstances
  • Hospitality Ministry (serve in kitchen, set up/clean up for events, cook)
  • Special projects, clean up, etc 

Worship and Media Ministry

  • Music Ministry (choir, praise team, worship band, orchestra, hand bells, soloist, instrument teacher, drama)
  • Media Team (audio/visual - sound, lighting, video camera)
  • Video/Photography Team – record testimonies, special events pictures, story telling

 Missions and Outreach Ministry

  • Mission’s Ministry (go on and/or support mission trips, give to World Missions offering, pray for missions, adopt a missionary, Adult class missions leader, construction team)
  • Connection Team (greeter, usher, connector, computer check-in assistant, ministry desk assistant, parking lot greeter, golf cart driver, new member counselor/mentor, first place orientation helper)
  • GROW – visiting prospects, phone calling, letter writing
  • Sports and Recreation Ministry (coach, referee, score keeper, lead devotions, set up/clean up for games, evaluations helper, concessions coordinator/worker, volunteer coordinator)
  • Local Missions (schools, community outreach, etc)

 Care and Support Ministry

  • Prayer Ministry and Intercessory Prayer
  • Adoption and Foster Care - H.O.P.E Ministry (leader/helper for promotion, education, communication)
  • Marriage Counseling
  • Grief Share – supporting and encouraging those that have experienced the loss of a loved one
  • Divorce Care
  • Finances and Career Training and Counseling
  • Bereavement and Crisis care support
  • Cancer and Long term care support
  • Special Needs Ministry (leader/helper for Bible study and Parents Night Out)
  • Mental Illness
  • Addiction and Recovery
  • Hospital, Assisted Living, Homebound Ministry

 You can find a Spiritual Gift survey and an online volunteer form here.